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This kind of beauty warms my heart. Fashion photographer Jim Naughten’s latest book Conflict and Costume: The Herero Tribe of Namibia  (launched this month) is a book I am totally going to add to my coffee-table collection. I’m not alone in my appreciation of this one either. Blogger Trevor Stuurman recommended it and I have to say it is rich with history and elegance, and the photography really moves me.



Naughten travelled to the Namib Desert and captured members of the Herero tribe who copied the dresses of the German missionaries and colonialists who first came to Namibia in the early 1900s. There is stillness in every shot that made me think “Wow! This is beautiful.” It’s a refreshing take on the sameness we tend to see.


The colourful hand-sewn dresses are breathtaking. Yes, the colour and drama are captivating but it’s the pride of the women that makes each shot mesmerising. Their bearing and pride in their clothes are going to make me rethink how I wear mine.

Conflict and Costume (R600) is available at all good book stores.

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