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When I first heard about The Perfect Proposal I remember thinking how very, very clever. For those guys who need a hand with popping the big question, The Perfect Proposal has tailor-made packages to make sure that it is truly special (and that there are no glitches!) And for us girls they help with party planning, date planning, renewing your wedding vows, anniversaries and engagement parties. So brides-to-be, this is for you and if you know a guy who may need a little help, pass on the message.

We chatted to the lovely Pippa Stewart of The Perfect Proposal, about all things romantic here:


Where did you first get the idea for The Perfect Proposal?
I first saw it overseas and was intrigued. I’ve always been a romantic at heart and thought that there has to be South African men who need a little assistance and inspiration when it comes to the big question.

What has been your most exciting proposal to date?
Each is special and unique. Every couple is different so each one brings something special to the party. The key ingredient is the element of surprise, which is what makes all proposals exciting! We have done it all, from a romantic picnic to an elaborate penthouse experience showered with roses. The secret is to create something special, regardless of the budget.


Any advice for guys who want to pop the question?
At the end of the day it’s about what will make her happy and what she loves, not what you think she may love. Don’t stress (that’s our job).

For those women who are wondering whether they want their guys to outsource this very private occasion my answer is that your man cares enough to put time, money and resources into making it perfect – and that says a lot. We do not take over. The guys are completely in this and guide the process. All the ideas are theirs, we just pull it together.



How long in advance should a groom meet with you?
We have done a proposal with a week’s notice but the more time, the better. I would say two to three months notice is ideal.

We love the date planning service. What does this entail?
Everyone is so busy and we get so carried away that we forget to make time for each other. Date nights are a must and we offer beautiful concepts and romantic packages designed for everyone’s taste, budget and location!

We love your ‘perfect boxes’ such as the picnic box with champagne, a picnic blanket, rose petals and fairy lights. Are you planning any new ones for summer?
We have our ‘standard boxes’ such as the bath box, picnic box, boudoir box, and many more. We’ve just introduced a baby box here too. We do do custom-made boxes that are personalised for the couple and the occasion. We are Cape Town-based but get nationwide requests for help.


How involved are you in the actual proposal?
It all depends on the guy’s needs. We are there on the day, making sure everything is in place and runs perfectly, especially if it involves several suppliers and intricate logistics. But we also know when to get out of the picture.

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By teaming up with The Wedding Collaboration, you’ve made tying the knot pretty simple! Tell us about this?
The Wedding Collaboration consists of two other wedding-related service providers and together we take care of every step of the process. The others are Jackie Zulich from Princess Diamonds and Nicci le Cok from luxury wedding planning service Nicolette Weddings.

For more information on The Perfect Proposal, click here or contact Pippa on / 072 377 0996.

PS We love The Perfect Proposal’s weekly ‘Friday Rocks’ inspiration – take a peek at their wedding ring picks on Facebook here – love, love, love! And follow them on Pinterest for pretty pins here.

Photographs: Lucia du Preez, Christine Watters and Cari Photography and ELLE UK.

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