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David (my husband) and I spent some time in the US last year visiting his sister and we spent hours researching what stroller to invest in. Being first time parents we were a bit clueless on which brand to go with and slightly overwhelmed by all the options out there. What we did know was that we were after a stroller that is as good-looking as it is practical.

We tried and tested a few brands, asked all the questions, went home and researched some more and decided to go with a modern classic, the original Bugaboo, Cameleon³. Being a limited-edition design from their Bugaboo atelier collection it’s a statement piece, fashion-forward but also seriously versatile.


PI bgb c3 bassinet atelier collection

PI bgb c3 combi atelier collection

If you are exploring different brands and what stroller to invest in – trust me on this one, you won’t look back with the Bugaboo. The quality, practicality, durability and style of Bugaboo products doesn’t disappoint (I wouldn’t back a brand I don’t fully believe in and I am honoured to be working with Bugaboo as a brand ambassador for the SA region, trying, testing and experiencing baba life with Bugaboo).

I walk a lot, everyday Noa and I stroll through the Urban Park in Greenpoint and onto the promenade –it has been my sanity and the fresh air and getting out does wonders for us both. Some days I just keep walking (new mums will know what I mean and the bonus is Noa almost always falls asleep as I pop her into the Bugaboo bassinet). She’s still little, 7 weeks this week but my husband and I have tried to get out and about with her from the beginning. Be it lunch at a winefarm, spending time at our family holiday home in the counrty or just strolling the city, the stroller works for all terrains and you don’t need a degree to set it up or put it away. The Bugaboo is great for off road but also manoevrable on pavements and in shops, cafes and small spaces which is ideal for Cape Town living. I love being able to simply flip the handle over to change the direction of the pushchair – so you can stroll on the sidewalks with the front swivel wheels then flip the handle over and turn the pushchair round to have the larger foam filled wheels ready for the soft sand and beach days.


Seapoint promenade – my favourite part of Cape Town. I walk along the prom almost every day. We’re spoilt to have Lions head, the ocean, signal hill and table mountain right there in view. I start my morning with a coffee from Bootleggers and then straight to the prom.



The limited special edition, fully-loaded stroller in a elegant and high-end design adapts to every age and journey. From newborn to toddler, from the city to countryside, sand, the versatile Bugaboo Cameleon³ makes it easy to go everywhere you want go.


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Strolling at Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa. Yes, I like to mother in heels. Love exploring the Silo – do try The yard for brekkie and the Silo rooftop for a drink and amazing views. The experience at The Silo Hotel is focused on the art and culture of Cape Town – a definite must and our bug makes taking Noa here easy and effortless

I love the sleek lines and timeless design, the rich stone mélange fabric and leather-look details make this stroller super fashion forward. My favourite colour combos are the classic stone / off white and the combo of classic navy and off-white quilting detail. It feels modern but timeless at the same time. The size and quality of the stroller makes for such a smooth ride on any terrain. It’s solid and sturdy but super easy to fold and pack into the car. If you know me, you will know that I love to be over prepared so the basket underneath is really great to store everything you need for an outing. The basket is not huge, I could definitely do with a larger space in the Bug and its probably the one thing about the stroller that I would change but they have the solution! Bugaboo has launched the Mammoth bag which allows you to bring along a lot of extra things for a day out. The Bugaboo Mammoth Bag is a roomy bag that sits on your stroller’s base and holds up to 12kg of extra stuff, on top of the storage the underseat basket already provides. In September Bugaboo introduces their latest accessory: the Bugaboo Changing Bag. The perfect companion for any parent, the practical new bag makes it easy for parents to carry all their changing essentials, it has built-in attachment point so it can be safely hooked onto a Bugaboo stroller, and easily detached whenever needed. It’s packed full of practical details like its wide opening for fast, convenient access; multiple pockets so parents can stay organized; and a matching changing mat. Available in a range of colors and styles, the Bugaboo Changing Bag is designed to coordinate with any Bugaboo stroller and available from September. 



The Chart Farm – pop in to pick your own roses and enjoy tea with beautiful views, the bug handles the farm and dirt road / bumpy terrain like a dream

My husband is seriously excited by our bug, its versatile configuration, its ease of steering, and its accessories and enhancements that let you customize it for your family. Yes, I love its practicality but lets face it, it’s also super cute.

Click here to find out more about the Bugaboo Cameleon³ and this way to create and customise your own – choose your own colour combination and add accessories to personalize your Bugaboo Cameleon³

For SA stockists click here.



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