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The cool kids over at Spree are smart! Thanks to them, every woman can now have a personal stylist. So, if you want to get #SpreeStylist tips, shop these looks and know the how, what and where, click here.

Launching #SpreeStylist with a bang, Spree invited Salon 58’s founder, editor-at-large and style icon, Jackie Burger; content editor Zanele Kumalo and me – a surprise move, if I may say so – to be there first #SpreeStylist.



Jackie has always been an inspiration to me and not just for her style. She is someone I look up to and whose integrity and beauty, inside and out, leave me speechless. On top of that, she has a generous heart. And we all know that her style is flawless. Classic. Adventurous. Very Jackie. For her take on timeless denim, click here.

Evolving. Feminine. Moody. This is how Zanele describes her style and she shows how she goes from desk to date here.


As anyone who knows me will tell you, I’m a heels kind of girl and a minimalist to the max. I run in heels and work in heels but that doesn’t mean I can’t wear flats – it’s about how you style an item, own it and work it. My motto is dress me up rather than down. As for a night out, I love monochrome and dark rich hues. It feels sophisticated – there is a time and a place for candy colours and ice-cream pastels but it’s not here. Bring sharp lines, tailored pieces and you’ll look the part!


If you have style questions, ask away but commenting below.

PLUS, Spree’s online magazine launched last week and can we just say that the content is hot. Shop yourself fabulous, take in expert advice from the man himself, Chris Viljoen, and give it up for industry insider and ELLE fashion editor Tarryn Oppel for her casual cool edit of what to wear to work as well as the week’s most wanted items and more! This way!

Shop it, wear it!

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  • ackie June 29, 2015 - 10:05 pm Reply

    I still enjoying reading about Jackie Burger and her out-of-the-box doings. Hope she keeps as relevant as she is.

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