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You may remember me raving about De Oude Bank Bakkerij in Stellenbosch earlier this year. If not, refresh your memory here. The artisan bakery is a special kind of space – a place where you truly feel at home. At the heart of it is wholesome, unpretentious food and, as you would expect, phenomenal bread. On my last visit owners Fritz and his wife Chanelle shared their plans for Schoon De Companje, a collaboration of artisans, which has opened shop this month.

When I heard this I knew it would be something special; people like Fritz and Chanelle know how to do special and they do it well.

You’ll find this new gem (the expanded De Oude Bank Bakkerij), Schoon De Companje, on the corner of Bird and Church Street in Stellenbosch; it’s a space with high ceilings, old, tiled floors, stained-glass windows and a whole lot of warmth. The idea is to go back to basics – a one-stop shop to pick up fresh, quality ingredients and enjoy a bite to eat. It’s not your average outing to the grocer though – the collaboration of artisans means that there is so much more on offer; it’s an experience to savour.



Bakery Roastery

So, who are the artisans? A boutique butchery, aptly-named Nice To Meat You, a select wine shop, Het Wijnwinkeltjie, homemade dairy delights from Fanny Chanel’s Artisan Ice Cream, thin-based pizzas from De Brasserij and the finest green coffee from Het Roosterij.

Schoon-De-companje1 Schoon-De-companje

The produce is real, the space is lovely and there’s an amazing energy in the air. Also expect to find fresh, organic fruit and veg, a juice bar, pastries and even fresh flowers, all beautifully positioned under an old carved wooden staircase.

IMG_0565 Decor-Schoon-De-Companje


It’s the perfect spot for Saturday breakfast and great coffee, but if you hang around a little longer I hear that things get vibey with live local music on Saturday evenings. Soak up the atmosphere with local brews on tap, a selection of wines and thin-based, wood-fired pizzas. Schoon means ‘beautiful’ in Dutch, which is a very apt name to describe an artisanal market like this.




For more visit Schoon De Companje here or like them on Facebook here.

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