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In the Oxford Dictionary, one of the definitions provided for the word “magic” is “a quality of being beautiful and delightful in a way that seems remote from daily life” –and that is preciselywhat Jackie Burger delivered with her last soirée for 2015 entitled Magic.


The enchantment began with the venue: the Dylan Lewis Sculpture Garden just outside Stellenbosch. The setting is spectacular and the sculptures awe-inspiring –and Lewis kindly allowed Salon 58 to host the soirée there before its official opening next year.

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Even before the day, guests were encouraged to be playful and the dress code called for their “most magical dress and sneakers.”The sneakers were needed in part because they were invited to stroll through the garden (Graham Beck Brut MCC NVin hand)as they took in the scenery and the fashion installations by eight top South African designers and because adidas Originals South Africa collaborated with Burger and introduced their brand new range of women’s sneakersfor the upcoming season. In a first for Salon 58, Burger chose an edit of five pairs of adidas Originals sneakers before the soirée and shared her edit with guests that took them to adidas’ online shop.


“A year ago, we sat down to detail what I’d like Salon 58 to be and ended up with ‘a place of magic,’something that brings onejoy,” said Burger as she welcomed the 150guests. “And here we are! Magic is about experiencing the pleasures of mystery and discovery, having fun and celebrating the wonder of creation.”

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Not even the chilly weather and threatening rain clouds coulddeter guests as they took in the designs by KLûKCGDT, Black Coffee, Marianne Fassler, Suzaan Heyns, Clive Rundle, Karen Ter Morshuizen, VesselinaPentcheva and Superella, all paired with a pair of adidas sneakers, that made up Magic Moves, the day’s fashion installationproduced by Juanita Kotze of KØ Productions.Models were positioned strategically along the meander to surprise and delight guestsas they came across them, one lazily moving to and fro on a swing in asecret hideaway among poplars, another perched next to the lily pondwhile yet another made a dramatic image in yellow and black against the blue sky.

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In keeping with the underlying theme of the soirée –our connection to nature and our place in it–the designers were briefed to upcycle and repurpose garments from their archives and make them new rather than creating one from scratch. “We chose to team sneakers with these couturegarments because wearing sneakers is now, it’s street culture, it’s relevant andtimeless. The perennial sneaker transcends seasons!” said Burger.

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Following a short introduction to the garden and his work by Lewis, the afternoon further included a conversationguided by Alayne Reesburg with life coach Stanford Payne and metaphysical healer Dr.Yvette de Villiers. Together with Burger, they explored the topic of repurposing, whether it be as profound as your life or something a practical as “re-gifting”.

Before departing,guests were treated to a Salon 58 Magic Feast by Chanelle Schoon of Schoon de Companjein association with Protea Wines, which served their Shiraz, Rosé, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc alongsideJuicebox Pure Fruit Juices as the non-alcoholic option.The Protea rangefrom Anthonij Rupert Wyneis a celebration of the Cape,both in the wines’ easy-drinking character and the eye-catching bottle designs that depict the protea. In introducing the wines, Anthonij Rupert Wyne’s Marketing Manager, Gareth Robertson, highlighted the thinking behind the new-look bottles: “We wanted to create wine bottles that could be upcycled and not just recycled, and chose the designs because they could happily be repurposed into glasses or as water bottles with a formalor informal table setting.”

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In creating the menu, Schoon picked fynbos from the garden to make the cordial that was served throughout the event and husband Fritz baked whole-grain bread plates, which became part of the meal.Other dishes set out on the tables decoratedand conceptualisedby Alwijn Burger of Blomboyincluded aubergine parfait with a fragrant nut crust, heirloom carrots baked in honey custard and lemon macaroon trifle with elderflower jelly and mascarpone whip.The décor of Salon 58 Magic was created by SCAPE Events together with Alwijn Burger of Blomboy and completed the magic of the day. As with all previous soirées,there was a carefully curated gallery where guests could browse and buy. This time it consisted of vintage handbags from Piér Rabe Antiques, skincare products andperfumes by Wild Olive AfricanArtisan Apothecary & Artistic Perfumeryandauthentic Japanese silkkimonos from Karen Ter Morshuizen.

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