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Our all-women team is growing and earlier this year Jacqui joined Jenna McArthur PR. She is super-efficient, super-funny and passionate about the business to boot. Meet her here:

How would you describe yourself?

I’m direct (people will tell you this), I love to laugh and beneath what may appear to be a hint of hostility, is a very big heart.

When you are not working, what keeps you busy?

These two. My daughter, Brooke, who is eight going on eighteen and her brother Rhett Spencer, who is five. They are the loves of my life and my greatest achievements. At the moment, I’m pretty focused on finishing our new home which we moved into in January.




What did you do before Jenna McArthur PR?

I had been living outside South Africa for the last ten years. After so long in London, Dubai and Singapore, the call of family and the South African lifestyle brought the three of us home at the end of last year. With the change of country came a change in career. Before Jenna McArthur PR, I worked in fashion and then moved onto another great love, interiors. I styled decor shoots and contributed features for magazines. It gave me a solid understanding of the media industry, which made moving into PR a natural choice. I still have my décor and lifestyle blog, Brooke Eva, too.

Why fashion PR in particular?

I felt ready for a change and as mentioned, I have worked in fashion before. Plus I had been involved with Jenna McArthur PR on a project basis, so I decided to give fashion PR a go. In case you haven’t guessed, Jenna and I are sisters. Well, outside of work, that is. At the office, it’s all about work. Working with family, means that I care that little bit more and give it 155%!

What do you bring to the team?

I’m a strong team player with a strong work ethic. I love what we do and who we do it for. I have a wicked sense of humour, or so I’m told, which helps when the pressure is on.

Who inspires you and why?

My children. I’m sure it’s meant to be the other way around but I learn from them every day.

Three things on your radar?

There are four. Sorry.

There’s the work of photographer Krisjan Rossouw. I’m obsessed.



Then Stan Smiths. They are totally sold out in SA; I’ve even tried in Dubai. Nothing. Which obviously increases my desire for a pair tenfold. Giselle Bundchen appeared in Vogue Paris wearing nothing but a pair and if they are good enough for her, they are good for me! I won’t be doing the baring-all thing, though.



Also Maison Mara. There is nothing like it in Cape Town. It brings Paris to the De Waterkant. Owner Kelly Withey is as lovely as she is astute and this new concept store is filled with the most incredible clothes – and it’s housed in an equally impressive building. Get there asap.



Foliage. (No, not the kind that grows on trees.) If you haven’t been to this Franschhoek restaurant yet, make a plan. It ranks among one of the best meals I have ever had and I love eating out, so that’s saying a lot. Chris Erasmus, the former head chef at Pierneef à La Motte, is all about comfort food and follows the forest-to-plate philosophy with a menu that shows off his foraging, pickling and preserving skills. Boys, he’ll help you bag ten brownie points come next date night. Just saying.


First thing you do when you get to the office in the mornings?

Get a flat white from The Blend downstairs. It’s a ritual.

Describe your style?

Borrowed from the boys with a feminine edge. I’m most comfortable in menswear-inspired clothes with a feminine silhouette. I’d say my look toys with a boyish aesthetic without being mannish.

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  • krisjan March 24, 2016 - 8:29 am Reply

    Just to add my 2 cents…. and to agree that foliage is definitely my Favorite eating spot in Franchies. Chris Erasmus is something else and the fact that you can wonder through the attached gallery while sipping a glass of vino, makes it rather enjoyable.
    A must do, when you head to Franschhoek.
    Great food , Great presentation… and you can certainly taste the passion he puts into the art of cooking.

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