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I get really excited when I come across a brand for kids that understands the importance of sustainability, quality and the beauty of simple design. KiND is a baby and kids brand that brings Europe’s best organic brands to South Africa. The apparel they bring in is made of organic cotton – I love that it is kind on your baba and kind on the environment. KiND is about curating organic brands only and I love what they stand for – buy less but buy better. Being a first time Mum I have learnt very quickly that it is better to invest in clothes that you can wash a million times and they will still look lovely – its about quality and being selective.

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I chatted with owners Mieka van den Berk and Charlotte Olthoff about the brand here:

What inspired you to start KiND?
We started KiND because we couldn’t really find simple design; amazing quality, organic kids and baby wear for our own boys. We found ourselves dragging kids and baby clothes back and forth whenever we visited Europe and thought: something needs to change.

In Europe there are lots of established kids brands that fit our style, so we travelled and got in contact with a few amazing brands, like the well known Amsterdam brand Gray Label. We figured: there must be loads of other moms in SA looking for that particular KiND of clothing for their kids. So Gray Label was the first brand we got on board and we’d love to introduce more amazing brands in the future.



I’m in love with the Gray Label – tell us more!
We both love Gray Label for their simplicity and clean-cut silhouettes. They really let kids be kids: no big logos, ‘cute’ teddies or frills, they focus on amazing quality organic cotton, great colours and mostly unisex designs. They only use organic cotton and the brand is GOTS certified, which is totally a big deal! Gray Label’s garments are made in a factory near Porto in Portugal. They have chosen this factory because it invested in all requirements needed to become officially GOTS* certified. From harvesting the raw material through environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing, GOTS provides a credible and ensured organic status. Actually, the criteria of the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) are considered to be the strictest criteria you can find.

baby sleeveless suit_vintage pink

Baby Cardigan_Vintage Pink




The idea of organic clothing for baba’s is something a lot of Mums like the sound of but what actually makes an item organic and why is it better than conventional materials?
They are grown in a way that uses methods that lessen the impact on our environment. And organic cotton uses far less water too. The main benefit of using organic cotton is that the crops aren’t treated with pesticides and insecticides. These toxins are harmful for farmers and workers, for the eco-system, but also for our babas.

A few of Noa’s fave KiND essentials!

The Gray Label baby onesie with collar – shop online here.

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Organic Italian fleece cardigan – shop online here.

I haven’t been wearing perfume at all after having Noa as I didn’t want a strong scent on her clothes or overpowering her so when I discovered the Gray Label perfume I was super excited – tell us more!
This is the first perfume, specially created for new and expecting mothers. Nurture is an amazing collaboration between organic children’s brand Gray Label and natural perfume house Abel Odor. They have come together to create a 100% natural eau de parfum that new and expecting mothers will love. The fragrance was created by French perfumer Fanny Grau, partner of Abel Nose Isaac Sinclair. Pregnant with their second son during the creation process, Grau selected ingredients for the beauty of their scent pro le, as well as their healing properties. Calming rose, energising orange blossom, ginger for its anti-nausea properties and sandalwood for grounding.




Shop KiND this way and follow their journey on Instagram here.

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