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Jewellery has always provided a talismanic purpose.’
– Carol Woolton, jewellery editor of Vogue UK

We recently welcomed Ambra Gambale, a conceptual artist and jewellery designer, to JMPR. Ambra designs charming jewellery that has an element of the unexpected and she is the designer behind Skullchemy – utilising diamonds, gemstones and precious metals in all of her designs.


All her pieces for Ambra Fine Jewellery are inspired by magic realism with recurring themes that combine motifs from nature – labyrinths, dragonfly wings and hexagons – with elements of fantasy drawn from the pop surrealism movement.

My jewellery is fit for any woman, the bold, the brave, the dainty, all those who dare to dream,’ she says.

Ambra Fine Jewellery’s latest collection, Charmed, is a series of customisable charms, rings, necklaces, stud earrings and bracelets that are feminine, edgy and sexy with a touch of fantasy. The pieces range from Hamsa hands to ladybugs and feathers – all universal symbols that are seen to protect the wearer and invite abundance and luck. While diamonds are a constant across all Ambra Fine Jewellery designs, the Charmed Collection uses pyrite, hematite and black onyx beads.



As an extension of the brand’s lighter approach, customers are invited to create their own bracelets or necklaces online. The bracelet options are pyrite, hematite and onyx, and the necklaces are available in 9- or 18-carat yellow, rose or white gold. Each can be personalised with a charm that could be a 9-carat yellow gold cross or a 14-carat rose gold skull.


For something even more unique and personal, Gambale offers private consultations at her Cape Town showroom.

To order online or book a consultation, please visit Ambra Fine Jewellery

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