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I have always been pretty obsessed with skin – the radiant, dewy, fresh faced kinda look – aren’t we all. In my 20’s I was all about illuminator and with barely there make-up my skin looked fresh and tight even after a late night or a junk food-filled weekend. Fast forward 10 years and I’m not that fresh faced anymore – The Big 3-0 means my skin isn’t as firm, plump or supple anymore which is why I value investing in the right products, being educated about what I am feeding my skin and most importantly finding an age-appropriate beauty routine that works for me.

I love where I am at in life – I am confident in the woman I am both inside and outside – I love being a mum and before having my little girl, Noa, I was much more critical of myself. The age and stage I am at as a Mum has allowed me to embrace who I am. I gave birth to my daughter but also to a new me – my body changed, my skin changed and so did my attitude. I love what Clarins stands for – as beauty and skin pioneers they see me – the 33 year old new mum whose skin is starting to slow down and whose fine lines and wrinkles are totally there. Throw in a little stress, a little lack of sleep and hello – ageing is happening! There is beauty in that. My smile lines are there – Noa gives me plenty to smile about and my forehead is wrinkly – my husbands a handful but I love him. Being in the fashion industry for many years I am not afraid to admit that I do care how I age, that I do want to look my best and age gracefully. I love that at Clarins they have a beauty routine for every age and understands the shift in how we view ourselves as women, as mums, as professionals, as people.

About a month ago I started using the Clarins Multi-Active range for woman in their 30ties. It addresses fine lines to diminish the first signs of ageing and to maintain a radiant looking skin. It’s geared to protect premature signs of aging, regeneration on plumpness and elasticity and works on the skin tone. Since having Noa I have battled with pigmentaion so for me it’s super important to use a product that helps me retain my skins hydration, and target fine lines and even out my skin tone. I’m not going to pretend my skin has transformed and the lines have gone in a month (we all know that’s not going to happen) but my skin is 100% softer and more hydrated and in a month I can definitely see a more luminous glow to my skin. As a busy mom I try to squeeze in one facial a month but with mamahood madness I find my skin needs more care and more of a boost – a long-term routine. What I love is that there’s a solution through every age – my friend, mentor and inspiration Jackie Burger (for those who don’t know Jackie, she is the former editor of ELLE South Africa and an icon in the fashion industry) has always been someone I celebrate for who she is and what she stands for. She has an appreciation for timelessness – she has embraced ageing and her kindness both to others and herself is how I hope my future self will be. Her style is ageless and so is her essence. Coco Chanel once said that “after 40 nobody is young, but one can be irresistible at any age.” So regardless of what age you are – Clarins celebrates the beauty of our skin and understands that we all want to look and feel wonderful at every age. Here’s what Jackie and I have been using.


Multi-Active 30ties

I have been using three Clarins products from this range and here’s what I love about each:

From age 30:

Double Serum’s multitasking 2-in-1 plant-powered formula which visibly addresses signs of ageing, boosts your skin’s overall radiance and evens out your natural complexion. I use it in the morning and the evening. It contains 21 active plant extracts including tumeric, distinguisehd for its exceptional anti-ageing properties. This is a definite must-have serum for all ages 25+!


Multi-Active Day cream  – this is for all skin types and designed for women with a hectic lifestyle – busy women who are under stress or fatique. It works hard on overworked skin with a new generation technology that harnesses the power of plants and works on fine lines and skin radiance. Clarins Anti-Pollution Complex protects the skin from harmful environmental effects. I’m totally into how a product feels – it feels velvety and super luxe.


Multi-Active Night cream : This night cream is for normal to dry skin. Enriched with organic California poppy extract, a plant with regenerating properties, this treatment helps to combat early signs of ageing. It smooths, nourishes and targets fine lines, to erase signs of tiredness and reveal visibly younger looking skin. In addition to the anti-ageing effects, Clarins Anti-Pollution Complex protects the skin from environmental damage.


My two cents – I don’t have time to apply different creams, lotions and potions so I love that this skin routine designed for my age group is made up of three products – simple, effective and no nonsense stuff.

Super Restorative 50ties and over:

From age 50:

I thoughts I would share with you what Jackie uses – maybe your mum / you or a friend is looking for the right product for a more mature skin so here goes:


With the below combo your skin will regain a firmer and smoother complexion and wrinkles become smoother.

Double Serum – read above – it’s a game changer

Super Restorative Day Cream in a nutshell the day cream illuminates and smoothes the skin, reduces appearance of wrinkles and restores density to the skin on all levels

Super Resorative Night Cream – this is the miracle cream for combating sagging and hydrating and nourishing from within. As one ages one does become concerned with dark spots and this is your cream!
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