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When it comes to beauty I am rather specific with where I go for my treatments. I scrutinize my nail job, I am pedantic about my paint – I mean at the end of the day we are paying good money to have a thorough job so when your nails start chipping after day three it isn’t going to go down well, right? And so, my quest for the right beauty salon began.




There’s a new kid on the beauty block – Meraki immediately got my attention because of the look and feel of their space – its minimal and modern and a space that you are meant to linger longer. It feels like you’ve walked into a friend’s apartment to be pampered in that its super laidback and relaxed – a perfect space of calm to recharge and reconnect with yourself. I love that it’s a very private space (with no annoying whale music) and provides a green practice from the eco-friendly Battery Park. They operate in an eco-friendly, water-wise manner. All grey water from the building is recycled in the flushing of ablution facilities; the products used contain no ingredients that contaminate water for recycling. They have a strictly no plastic bottle environment. I love that they care for the environment and this kind of approach flows over to their approach and service with their clients. The environment is free from stress; laidback, cool and the women behind the brand have serious soul.




Owners Leigh and Nadine


I find the therapists extremely knowledgeable, experienced and present. So often at a beauty salon I feel rushed or not really cared for. Since having Noa I have battled with pigmentation (being priggery means and influx of hormones which also changes during breastfeeding) and Meraki have helped on my journey so I thought I would share a little on two avenues I have explored with Meraki to treat pigmentation:

1. Getting my skincare regime and skincare products right:
I started with the QMS intravital Plus which helps reestablish your normal skin functions, helps with skin pigmentation and guards against premature ageing, fine lines and wrinkles and contains vitamins B6 and C, both vital to skin health. I really love the QMS Medicosmetics range – it is pricey but you are investing in your skin. I specifically love the Advanced Intensive eye cream, the day and night Collagen. My top pick is totally the MED Dermabrasive Gel, a fruit acid and enzyme exfoliation system developed to gently refine and renew sensitive skin.

2. Microneedling with QMS Medicosmetics
The advanced facial treatment firms and brightens the skin. In essence it uses small needles to prick the skin, generating new collegen, plumping up the skin. I love that the results are fairly immediate. After just one treatment I could see the improvement of the texture of my skin and it was lovely and glowy. In terms of my pigmentation firstly one should know that there is no quick fix and you need a few treatments together with the right skincare regime and staying out of the sun (if you haven’t tried Heliocare you need to – I use it as it’s a SPF 50 protection and I use it as a foundation too!)

So there – I shared a little slice of my heaven with you. If you are looking for a place to recharge and relax be it a facial, mani or pedi or a massage, try Meraki. You won’t be dissappointed.

For more on Meraki and what they offer, click here or follow Meraki on instagram here.

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