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Don’t be surprised if you find yourself staring. It’s to be expected when you get the first glimpse of the gorgeous designs in PICHULIK’s new SS15 Baraka collection, a bold, bright homage to spiritual and traditional jewellery customs carried through the centuries. Each handcrafted piece echoes the symbolic shades and silhouettes of North African and Middle Eastern architecture. It’s a feast for the eyes and we love how the pieces adapt to any look, be it everyday outfit or stylish couture!

Beige ball earrings and mixed bangles from the SS15 Baraka collection


We are obsessed with stacking bangles – give it a go!

Single Urchin and Royal Blue Bells neckpieces


“Jewellery has always been linked to spirituality and important rites of passage,” says Katherine-Mary Pichulik, the super-talented pâtissier-turned-jewellery-designer behind the brand. “Pieces were crafted with a purpose and imbued with powers such as protection and healing.”

Derived from the Arabic “barakah”, meaning “blessing”, the Baraka collection is unique in that no two pieces are alike yet all were made to be worn together in perfect harmony. And unlike previous collections, PICHULIK stuck to a limited colour palette for Baraka, using specific hues that echo the paradise, purity and sacred heritage within the kingdoms that inspired its designer.

Long Glass Mink and Single Jade Stone Mink neckpieces


Our team is honoured to have worked with PICHULIK on creating a beautiful and intimate evening to celebrate this new collection, and to show gratitude to the women who support and share the PICHULIK journey.

Delicious Moroccan-inspired starters ready to be served


The PICHULIK studio was transformed into a magical North African and Mediterranean festival in keeping with the theme of the Baraka collection.


Leonie Charlotte von Hase (of LCVH) set the scene with décor and floral styling.


The Gratitude Feast menu – PICHULIK always delivers on the detail.


Grilled seafood with dainty apple slices, clay-roasted vegetables and hand-made Turkish Delight were just a few of the exotic dishes created by the talented founder of Food Jams, Jade de Waal.


Freshlyground’s uber-talented Kyla-Rose Smith and guitarist Derek Gripper performed traditional music from Mali in their first performance together.


From left: Editor-at-large and Salon 58’s Jackie Burger, creative Leonie Charlotte van Hase and Katherine-Mary Pichulik.


Want more PICHULIK? Shop their SS15 collection here plus hit play below to watch the PICHULIK journey come to life!

Katherine-Mary Pichulik on Vimeo.

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