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In case you’ve missed the excitement surrounding ELLE, Mr Price and AFI’s search for Africa’s most talented young designer, we’ll get you up to speed here!

The search kicked off in July 2014 and we’re once again honoured to be working on the award and excited to be a part of yet another year of innovative design. The ELLE Rising Star Design Award in association with Mr Price and presented by AFI spread its fashion net wider by opening up the search to seriously talented designers throughout Africa.

Fast forward to one month later and we are happy to introduce the seven super talented women who have displayed the necessary skills, talent and passion to make the final cut. Take a look at their storyboards here and let us know which designer you have your eye on by commenting below!


Tamara Cherie Dyson


My womenswear collection showcases discreet indulgence, carefully considered design, an underlying minimalistic approach, and a flawless aesthetic – a balanced sense of beauty emerges through simple perfection.


Charis Dawson

Digital Opacity

I’ve been fascinated for a while with the obsession with social media, and thought it would be interesting to interpret the obsession into a collection. The range is inspired by street style and the layering of websites. I’ve been inspired by pixels, the tiny elements which in their millions allow our fixation of digital media, and for this reason the collection draws on very square and linear shapes – boxy silhouettes, square panel lines, paired it with transparent layering. I’ve also included a lot of digital printing, creating a print that appears like a holographic hashtag, as well as dyeing to create custom-made fabrications.


Jeandri Britz

Solid Exterior

Solid Exterior presents the feeling of a strong personality. The way someone will put up their guard and let others only see the idea of that person, but still give you the idea of vulnerability, that can only be overcome by suppression of their own emotions. The silhouette resembles characteristics of a shell, whether it is a shell of an egg or the fragile skin of a creature.


Kelli Botha

The androgynousinside

My collection is inspired by the androgynous aesthetic. My work is a combination of masculine and feminine characteristics. I have played with different textures and big versus small silhouettes. My personal taste of less is more, negative space, and a less-feminine approach all came together as a strong concept in the design of my range.


Michelle van der Westhuizen


Coast-to-Coast is based on my love for the ocean and my hometown coastline. My inspiration is drawn from the fisher folk comprising staple elements like their aprons and parkas, and I replicated the aprons used for cleaning fish in the pinafore styling


Nadia Viljoen

Unfortunate Art by Natsie

My inspiration for this collection and future label comes from illegal art. I refer to illegal art as unfortunate art, because it doesn’t get the full appreciation, attention, exposure and understanding it deserves. I see this as an opportunity to give some recognition to art like graffiti, which would have only been seen by a handful of people before it is then covered with paint.


Frances Pauls

Modern Eclectic

I spent a great deal of my childhood exploring the South African and African coastline. I am inspired by the soft and faded, sun-kissed colours that we find above the water’s surface, the soft tones of the sand, sun-bleached sarongs and faded wood paint, and how these tones are contrasted by the bright luminescent underwater life with its naturally graphic colour-blocked panels.


NB dates to diarise:

1 September

You be the judge: This is when ELLE readers can enter to join the judging panel. If you think you have what it takes, you’d best keep an eye on elle.co.za!

1 October

Want to be at the AFI’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Africa to see all the finalists’ designs on the catwalk? Follow @ellemagazinesa @mrpfashion #RisingStarAfrica2014 on 1 October to win tickets!

 29 October – 1 November

It’s show time! The seven finalists will show their completed collections at AFI’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Africa. Be there for the big reveal when the winner of this year’s designer search is announced!

For more on ELLE Rising Star Design Award 2014, visit elle.co.za and meet all the judges here.

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