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When I started Jenna McArthur PR, I had a vision to tell brands’ stories and create authentic and lasting connections between them, their customers and the media. For the past four years, we did everything we undertook with passion and love. My agency has been privileged to represent the best of the best in the country, work with incredibly talented people and collaborate with inspiring creatives. As I enter the next chapter in my life – motherhood – the time has come to end this one. Although I am sad to say goodbye to my first ‘baby’, I very much look forward to the months and years ahead.

Till now I have not been one to share personal news on social media but since my life is about to undergo the biggest change yet, I will be sharing a small piece of me and let you in on the fashion and design that inspire me, my style (pre and post maternity!) and my experience of becoming a mother. I look forward to doing what I love – content creation, collaborating with brands and hopefully in some small way influencing in the world of fashion, motherhood and lifestyle. I hope to create an honest account of the things we go through as women. It is going to be an exciting new journey for me and one that I will share with you here and on my Instagram platform here.

My vision is to continue creating unique content for brands that share my vision and values, and to inspire by audience.

I thought I would start here at 31 weeks. I have been incredibly blessed with a healthy pregnancy so far. To be honest, it’s been pretty much smooth sailing and yes, I am grateful for this and the fact that God has blessed us with a baby.

But don’t get me wrong: I haven’t loved being pregnant. The heartburn, heaviness, waking every two hours because the bladder you know and a body that is changing and expanding in every which way… and the stretch marks. Believe you me, it’s not all bliss and mommy-to-be glow for every woman. Which is why I wanted to share my truth by saying that it is OK to say that you don’t absolutely LOVE being pregnant or that you are incredibly uncomfortable and are actually quietly shitting yourself because you are now responsible for another life. As much as I am excited to meet my baby, I am feeling overwhelmed. I have made peace with the fact that not all women are the same and not all of us experience pregnancy and the thought of being a first-time Mom with the same confidence.

For those early on in their pregnancy I wanted to share a little something – if you are like me and finding the journey and changes challenging, do something for yourself! I decided to embrace the changes in my body and do something special that would make me feel beautiful and capture the ride. Having been in the fashion industry for years I just so happen to be blessed with two incredibly talented friends and we decided to have a little fun. I had my hair and make-up done by two very special people – Algria Ferreira and Jeannette Genis (they were also with me on my wedding day) and Niquita Bento captured me at 29 weeks pregnant while fashion director Tarryn Oppel styled me.

I love dressing up and playing with fashion and for me having this day to myself was an escape from the reality of preparing to be a mum and enabled me to celebrate this time in my life.

Do capture your pregnancy in a way you feel comfortable – you won’t regret having your bump photographed in a way that is true to who you are. My maternity snaps captured different sides of me – my love for fashion, a boldness in business that gave me the courage to make decisions and now a more vulnerable side of me – of not quite knowing what lies ahead and the rawness of not hiding behind a brand but sharing on the real me, my life and perhaps a woman who sometimes looks confident but like every woman has insecurities and vulnerabilities.

So here I am, 9 weeks to go and counting.

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