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Meet Jade




Jade is an account manager here at JMPR. She has a style we envy, is a super talented illustrator and when it comes to PR – this girl is a machine! Join Jade for 24 hours – she has the hotspots to note, the update on events and style tips you need to know.

Tell us about your working wardrobe

My working wardrobe is very minimalist and comfortable. I wear a lot of black staples with statement pieces such as a pink suede jacket. Working in PR means meeting new people on a daily basis– no one day is the same. It’s important for me to make sure I am always comfortable and confident. My staple items are my high wasted denim jeans paired with my tiger printed Zara bomber jacket ¬– I am a big fan of the sport inspired trend.

Style tip?

Stay comfortable in sneakers during the day and keep a pair of heels on hand to dress up your work look for events or after work drinks. Trust me after an event you will be dying to slip into those flats!

Where do you lunch at work?

It’s a mix up between the Raptor Room and New York bagels. Try the Banana Bread French toast at Raptor room. One of my favourites at New York Bagels is the cream cheese and smoked salmon bagel. Oh and they have the best freshly squeezed Orange Juice!

Hidden talents?

My hidden talent is that I can illustrate.I love taking an image from a magazines or pinterest and making the image my own by hand drawing it and then adding depth with the use of flat vector colours on Illustrator and Photoshop. It is a fun way to stay creative.

Where to go for after work drinks?

For after work drinks I love to go to the secret gin bar behind Honest Chocolate (Gin and chocolate, two of my favorites)

Which event stands out to you?

It is hard to pick one event – all of our events are so unique and approached so differently but at the top of my list is the Tread+Miller AW17 First Thursdays launch. Great people, music and a vibe – a true and authentic experience and one for the books! The vibe was so amazing and seeing guys like Hussain van Roos, Prince Thabz and The Sivu so incredibly dressed and looking very dapper and loving the new collection and being able to connect with the brand is such a reward.

The one thing people who are thinking of going into PR should know?

It’s hard work. Be prepared to be dedicated and have your finger on the button. It’s not all about the glitz and glam.


PR has changed over time – what’s one tip you have learnt and applied in this industry?

Get visual

Visual content is on the up. Capture the core of a brand in (professional, high-res) photographs

and bring across the story visually. The way you pitch a story is important and to be relevant in

your storytelling you need to know who you are talking to. Engage the reader. Tell a story, have an

opinion and produce content that stands out. Generic is out and tailored, targeted content is in. To

love fashion is to fall in love time after time and this is where powerful, beautiful visuals are crucial.

In 2016 video content packaged for online use will increasingly come to the fore too.

Follow Jade on Instagram here and shop her illustrations on Superbalist here

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