You need your story told and shared and we can do just that in a creative and personal manner. We will introduce you to the right media, bloggers and key influencers, and build lasting relationships with them.

We are passionate about creating communities around fashion, lifestyle and luxury brands.


Here’s what we do:

PR for fashion, lifestyle and luxury brands

Media relations

•Media liaison
•Content curation
•Facilitating editorial exposure in print and online
•Relationship management

Social media and online reputation management

We believe that social media has a powerful role to play in marketing any brand online. There’s more to it than accumulating ‘likes’ or followers and we have a passion for that ‘more’ part.

Here’s what we can do for you:

•Set up your brand profile on social media platforms
•Community management
•Create sustainable communities
•Response management
•Create authentic, original content in line with your brand objectives
•Create and sustain a conversation around the brand that goes beyond the brand

Social networks: Twitter

•Create your brand’s Twitter profile and maximise engagement and interaction
•Tweet on your behalf as part of your integrated online strategy and in line with the brand personality
•Reach and influence
•Build communities
•Tweet live from events
•Generate content for user engagement
•Monitor Twitter interaction, retweets, responses and growth
•Implementing a customised Twitter strategy focusing on the relevance of the content, reach, targets, influence and community needs
•Launch and/or manage competitions
•Competitor analysis

Social networks: Facebook

•Create a fan page for your brand to generate awareness and customer loyalty
•Launch/manage competitions
•Community building
•Post and generate content as part of an integrated online strategy
•Reach and influence
•Response management
•Monitor interaction, ‘likes’, shares, comments and growth, and responding accordingly
•Implementing a customised Facebook strategy focusing on the relevance of the content, reach, targets, influence and community needs
•Competitor analysis

Pinterest and Instagram

We can start, manage and run your Pinterest and Instagram accounts as part of your integrated online strategy.

We would love to work with you to create the perfect package for your brand.