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If you know me then you will know that I absolutely love organizing special occasions – the planning and the creativity that go into it more than the actual event. Which is why I decided to plan my own baby shower. Why not, right? After all. if you want something done right, do it yourself.

I went all in to make sure the day was something special – something that my husband could also enjoy along with a few select guys, like a few of our close friends and my dad. Because it was a high tea, and because I love any excuse to dress up, I went garden party chic and tea dresses. But tea doesn’t quite cut it with my friends and so, along with all the cakes, we had a gin bar and bubbly. In celebration of baby Van Rensburg, I sipped on tea, they drank bubbly and we all ate cake.


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When you are expanding in every which way, your body is stretching and you basically feel like a whale so putting on something pretty definitely helps and I wore this Erdem x H&M Baroque floral dress. Very garden party.

BabyShower-2 BabyShower-32

BabyShower-6 BabyShower-235



My favourite blooms – white roses, tulips, cabbage roses, snapdragons and white stock flowers, which represent lasting beauty and love. I’m proud to say I did the arranging myself! Woolies roses actually last really well and I got the rest of my blooms from Giovanni’s.

Here are a few of the things that made our baby shower incredibly special and a few ideas if you are planning yours:

Do include your husband. He is the dad-to-be and because he is not constantly reminded of the fact by an ever-expanding tummy, it’s really nice to include him in the journey.

Keep it intimate. It was easy for me since we have a small group of friends but each of them means the world to us.

Wait to open the gifts. I didn’t want to bore our guests by opening all the gifts. Aside from them becoming tired of oohing and aahing, it’s very special when it’s just you and your husband. We chose to open our pressies once everyone had gone. Besides, a baby shower is a time to connect, celebrate and spend time with your guests not to tear open their gifts.

Games, games, games. I’m not big on games and I don’t want people touching my tummy and guessing its size or making me recite nursery rhymes. Yet I wanted to do something fun and put together a few questions and put them on cards which I designed. We asked everyone to guess the baby’s name and gender and to share some advice. It was lovely to read them afterwards and will definitely keep the cards to show our baba one day.



BabyShower-18 BabyShower-23



Do something personal. At our wedding, we had the most amazing gold chocolate ganache cake created by M Patisserie and it was a small taste of heaven. We wanted to bring in a little bit of that day as it was almost a year ago to the day and had the identical cake at the shower. We froze the top tier of wedding cake to save it and did the same the baby shower cake to enjoy it one day with our little one.

It’s all in the detail. Sweet Lionheart created beautiful cakes and sweet treats (From day one, the only things my baby has been interested in, are sugar and sweet things. So much for not touching sugar for nine months!) We don’t know our baby’s gender but I have a feeling it’s a girl and went with a pink flamingo cake – it’s a red velvet cake with vanilla buttercream, lemon curd and buttercream frosting and a snowy cake decorated with white blooms. (It’s chocolate mud cake sandwiched with gooey salted caramel enveloped in soft vanilla bean Swiss meringue buttercream.) We also had gold dusted commets which are cakepop-meets-truffles. On the savoury side, there were cheese boards and French tea sandwiches lined in parsley – doesn’t sound that wow but let me tell you these sandwiches are beyond. (If I shared the recipe, I’d have to kill you – or so my stepmother said.)

BabyShower-141 BabyShower-58

BabyShower-75 BabyShower-62







BabyShower-137 BabyShower-218



You can never get special moments back, so do make sure to have someone to capture your shower so you don’t have to run around to snap everything yourself. The lovely Chelsey did this for us and her pics are something I’ll treasure.

BabyShower-278 BabyShower-166



  • Candice Berrange October 5, 2018 - 7:28 am

    Hi Jenna,

    Hope you and baby are doing well! I wanted to find out where you hosted your baby shower, the venue looks stunning :)


    • Jenna McArthur October 5, 2018 - 9:30 am

      Hi Candice! We had my baby shower at my Dads home! Thank you for the compliment, I will let him know;)